Participant Information for the Child Cohort

Current wave

Interviewers are currently visiting homes to schedule interviews with young adult participants who are now aged 20 and one of their parents.  Young adults and parents may be interviewed in separate households and/or different parts of the country where necessary.

If you are a previous young adult participant and would like to schedule your appointment now, please click here.  You can still participate in this round of interviews even if you missed some of your previous visits (at 13 and 17/18 years) but you must have taken part in the first interview when you were 9 years old (around 2007).

Historical Participant Information

The information leaflets below are those distributed to participants at the time of each wave.  Please note that they are documents of record and some of the information, including contact details, may not be current.  Participants wishing to contact the Study Team can click here to be taken to the current contact information.

Age 9 Years Information Leaflets


Age 13 Years Information Leaflets


Age 17/18 Years Information Leaflets