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GUI Annual Conferences

Growing Up in Ireland – the National Longitudinal Study of Children, held its twelfth annual research conference on Thursday 22nd October 2020. For the first time, the conference was held as a virtual web event.

Across 27 research presentations, the conference showcased new research based on Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) data. A keynote address was delivered by Professor Emla Fitzsimons from University College London.

Details of this and previous conferences can be accessed via the main conference page.

Recent Data Release

Archiving of Wave 5 Cohort ’08 (Infant Cohort) (at 9 years) Data

Growing Up in Ireland would like to announce that the Anonymised Microdata File (AMF) from Wave 5 of the Cohort’08 (Infant Cohort) (at 9) is now available.

This dataset includes anonymised details on over 8,000 9-year-olds and their families, who were first interviewed when they were nine-months old. Wave 5 data collection for families took place between June 2017 and April 2018, and was followed by a postal survey of schools. The information contained on the files can be used for statistical purposes only – to use it for any other purpose would be an offence, under the Statistics Act, 1993. The Wave 5 data can be matched by a unique id code to the Wave 1/2/3/4 data, facilitating longitudinal analysis on the Growing Up in Ireland Cohort ’08 (Infant Cohort) data.

Accessing Wave 5 Cohort ’08 Data:

The Anonymised Microdata File (AMF) is a publicly available anonymised dataset which provides many of the key variables from Wave 5 of the Cohort ’08 (Infant Cohort) and has been prepared in such a way as to protect the anonymity of all participants. Researchers wishing to access the AMF should apply to the Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA) here.

Data Workshops

The Growing Up in Ireland research team host regular data workshops; these workshops cover a broad range of topics and aim to promote and support the use of the GUI datasets from both the Child Cohort ’98 and the Infant Cohort ’08.

Further information about GUI data workshops can be found here. 

Details of upcoming workshops will be posted on this website, as well as on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

All enquiries regarding workshops should be addressed to


Questionnaires for all completed waves of Growing Up in Ireland are available to view here.  Please note that some scales are not available to view within the documentation.

Applying for Growing Up in Ireland Data

Growing Up in Ireland datasets are made available to researchers on a confidential and anonymised basis through the Irish Social Sciences Data Archive. These files are known as Anonymised Microdata Files (AMFs).

  • For details on how to apply for data relating to Cohort ’08 (the Infant Cohort), click here.
  • For details on how to apply for data relating to Cohort ’98 (the Child Cohort), click here.


More detailed files, also on an anonymous and strictly confidential basis, may be made available to researchers at the discretion of the Central Statistics Office (CSO). These files are known as Researcher Microdata Files (RMFs). Applications are made through the CSO here.

Currently data are available for the Infant Cohort at 9 months, 3 years, 5 years and 7/8 years; and for the Child Cohort at 9, 13 and 17/18 years.

Further information on how to apply for both AMFs and RMFs can be found here.

Qualitative Data

Circa 120 qualitative interviews supplemented the main survey data collection at the first waves of the Child and Infant Cohorts (ages 9 years and 9 months respectively).  Anonymised versions of these qualitative datasets are available through the Irish Qualitative Data Archive at the University of Maynooth.

Data Confidentiality

All information provided as part of Growing Up in Ireland are treated as strictly confidential.  The study is carried out under the Statistics Act (1993) – this makes it an offence to use the data for anything other than research purposes or to attempt to identify individuals.  Researchers seeking to use Growing Up in Ireland anonymised data must agree to these conditions and abide by any other conditions, such as relating to data security, as set out by the Central Statistics Office, DCYA, ISSDA, the GUI Study Team or related bodies.

Additional Publications Using GUI Data

The GUI team are currently developing a listing of other publications (additional to the official publications).  A first draft is available here and will be updated in the coming weeks.  Please note that this database does not necessarily represent a comprehensive listing of all work using GUI data, and the Study Team cannot vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of the publications listed – they are noted here for information only.  Any queries should be directed to the individual authors.

For official GUI publications, please go to this page.

Go here for external publications using Growing Up in Ireland data

Useful links for researchers

For links to other child cohort and related studies, as well as selected research institutes and networks related to research on children and young people, please click here.

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Technical Documentation for Data Users

Documentation for data users – summary dataset guides, data dictionaries etc – are now available here.