Growing Up in Ireland

Growing Up in Ireland is a Government-funded study of children being carried out jointly by the ESRI and Trinity College Dublin. It is managed by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (formerly Department of Children and Youth Affairs) in association with the Central Statistics Office. The study started in 2006 and follows the progress of two groups of children: 8,000 9-year-olds (Child Cohort/Cohort ’98) and 10,000 9-month-olds (Infant Cohort/Cohort ’08). The members of the Child Cohort are now aged about 23 years and those of the Infant Cohort are around 13 years old.

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Latest GUI News:

  • The GUI 13th Annual Conference (online) takes place on Thursday 25th November, 2021. Early registration is now open. Further details here.
  • Data from the GUI COVID-19 Special Survey are now open to applications from researchers. More details here.
  • Growing Up in Ireland: The Lives of 9-year-olds of Cohort ’08 was launched on June 16th. The report, summary infographic and launch materials are available here.

Where are we now:

  • We are currently interviewing Cohort ’08 at 13 years
  • Key findings from the special online ‘Covid-19’ survey (Dec 2020) were released on March 26th. The data have been archived (Oct 2021) and are open to applications.
  • The main phase of the Child Cohort ’98 at 20 years has been completed; key findings have been released and data are in preparation.
  • During COVID-19 restrictions, please contact the GUI team by email only via